Globe is a World Kitchen & Cocktail Bar in Chorlton, with a menu lovingly curated by owner Lauren Addison’s travels far and wide.

Putting the senses at the heart of our approach, flavours, textures and colours come together to create a world of vibrant, tactile diversity. The endless combinations possible give an organic, lively spirit.

Globe’s logo marque instantly conveys diversity, utilising base letterforms from Dala Floda, Boutique, Noe Display and Caslon with a careful sense of balance. These and other typefaces are used as custom display type choices, as seen on the menus and digital applications.

Globe Chorlton Interior

Globe Chorlton Website

Tastes of travel

A bespoke set of menus were printed and clamp bound. Taking inspiration from travel journals and notebooks, they come in different sizes, orientations and colours. Patterns, textures, vintage maps, and a collection of hand-drawn assets adorn the cover. Inside, primary and secondary typefaces, Hudson NY and Akkurat-Mono, along with clean typesetting, add clarity, freshness and harmony.

Tactile collateral

The interior at Globe Restaurant is more low-key, though still treats the senses through tactility. Signage above the entrance is laser cut and burnt into pine wood. This rawness is applied to business cards too, with each card being individually stamped.

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