Manchester is booming and there’s a need for your development to stand out more than ever before.

We’ve been working with Kingsdean and Rowlinson to produce a brand identity for The Residence in Manchester.

The new hoardings have gone up and tower over the city centre. The Residence as an exclusive development in the heart of Manchester, conveniently situated on St John Street.

The apartments will be sensitively developed in line with the original features of the 18th century architecture. Celebrating full length Georgian windows and immaculate stonework details can be seen on the façade. The high end two and three bedroom apartments are expected to be very much sought after due to their location and high-end finish.

The Residence Embossed

THe Residence Copy

Bold Copywriting Statement and Brand MarqueWe used the architectural heritage of The Residence as inspiration for the brand development. Acknowledging the elaborate dentil work and stone masonry – ensuring the capital R took centre stage. The logo marque incorporates corbel brackets traditionally used in Georgian architecture. We used this to create an elegant symbol, with a thematic approach that fuses original features with contemporary design.

The scheme’s marketing collateral is rivet bound using a deluxe stone grey board, in keeping with The Residence’s masonry work. Bespoke print finishes, crafted typography and plans beautifully etched in white ink on G.F Smith, Dark Grey Colorplan are used to ensure that the brand exudes exclusivity.

The final brochure will be a complete one off

A beautiful piece of design, using a beautiful variety of paper. The lucky owners will have these to keep. They can celebrate the history and the stories that their new home in Manchester has to tell and make some of their own.

Check back soon when we will reveal the brochure in its full glory.

But in the meantime, if you feel we could help one of your developments stand out from the crowd then please call us for a chat.