We round up some creative documentaries and design talks that have given us a bit of inspiration at some point. Some are fairly short and perfect for watching on the bus or train, and a couple are longer documentaries ideal for weekend watching.

Nicer Tuesdays: Jon Burgerman

(12 mins)

Jon Burgerman gives a short and sweet account of his playful doodles and animations, showing how simple ideas can snowball into something bigger.

Michael Bierut: How to think like a designer

(40 mins)

“40 minutes of Bierut’s humour, humility and insight” at Design Indaba 2015. Michael Bierut talks thought processes, failed ideas and how design solutions can be inspired by the smallest of things.

Chip Kidd: Designing Books Is No Laughing Matter. OK, It Is.

(17 mins)

Chip Kidd’s book jacket designs spawned a revolution in the art of American book packaging. He talks us through the art and deep thought of his covers in a lively TED Talk.

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography

(1 hour, 15 mins)

Errol Morris takes a heartening look at the life and work of his friend and renowned portrait photographer, Elsa Dorfman. As well as lots of her huge (20” x 24”) Polaroid portraits, we see how entwined her life is with her work, and get a glimpse into the Beat movements literary scene.

Watch on Netflix here.


(1 hour 20 mins)

Filmmaker Albert Maysles pays tribute to Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, longtime interior designer and outspoken champion of eclectic fashion.