Kaplan Internships Brand and Campaign Identity

We were asked to develop a creative campaign for the launch of Internships which still worked as part of the overall Kaplan brand.

The idea was in the name. We wanted to encourage people that an Internship was a great way to develop their career and felt that a positive message stating ‘i can do that’ would work well as a rallying call for people to think about an internship as a real route to a career.

The ‘i’ was taken from ‘internships’ so that the new offering didn’t get missed and was part of every piece produced within the campaign launch. It also helped to promote the benefits of doing an Internship so that people that were unsure could easily get up to speed about what you can do and achieve once enrolled.

We used the bright colour palette from the Kaplan brand guidelines to make the whole thing stand out and appeal to a younger audience.