LE-AL was established in 1933 by Leah and Albert Viner initially as a retail shop located in Stoke. All LE-AL’s products are manufactured at their factory in the UK by some of the most skilled and experienced craftsmen in the industry.

They select only the best materials to ensure their bespoke creations stand the test of time in terms of their aesthetic beauty and durability.

Le-Al Leaf

Bespoke Rebranding

LE-AL came to us with an identity that we felt lacked a feeling of their commitment to quality and production methods. We created bespoke serif type based on a mitred through dovetail woodwork joint to represent the traditional element of their processes. This was then juxtaposed with a modern sans serif typeface which represents their modern techniques and output of contemporary furniture, blending the past and the present. We created a natural, neutral and simple colour palette which is drawn from the wooden materials used to build each bespoke piece.

Le-Al Logo

Quality Marque

Every piece of furniture made by LE-AL is built to stand the test of time so we created a marque to represent their level of craftsmanship and to act as a sign of the highest standards. The marque is inspired by the process in which wood is cut from the timber and the central point mirrors its counterpart in the logo. LE-AL now add the symbol to every piece of furniture produced, acting as a mark of their outstanding quality.

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