Halloween is looming ever closer. So we thought it’d be a good time to look at some of our favourite pumpkin carvings. This year we’re sure you’ll see a wide variety of pumpkins; some funny, some scary, some intricate, some a total mess! So feast your eyes on the creations below to help bring you some inspiration this Halloween and make this years pumpkin an unforgettable one!

Our favourite pumpkin carvings

If your social plans are looking a little quiet, how about you dedicate your time to creating this masterpiece! Your efforts wouldn’t go unnoticed with this brilliant pumpkin twist on the day of the dead.

Halloween Pumpkin

A popular style with pumpkins is jagged, sharp teeth with some triangular eyes. Well how about this year you get rid of the eyes all together and carve out one huge mouth with even bigger teeth! This is what another excellent carver has done to creative a menacing looking pumpkin that you’ll really want to sink your creative teeth into!

Halloween Pumpkin

Who said pumpkins have to be scary anyway?! Why not carve lot’s of little circles and shapes into your pumpkin and make your own little orange disco ball? We think it looks great and casts beautiful patterns onto the adjacent walls.

Halloween Pumpkin with Lights

We love great art here at Dawn and this pumpkin is no exception. This incredibly detailed Keith Haring inspired carving is totally out of the ordinary and creates an amazing pattern. Good luck if you’re going to try and re-create this effort!

We hope you all have a Happy Halloween. Make sure to keep an eye out for our Halloween themed windows and share your creative carvings with us!

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