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The world is awash with various formulas and catchy slogans on how to get rich quick.

At Dawn we focus on one solid offer: making companies look and feel better, helping them speak to their target audience quicker and clearer. This can take shape through creating an engaging brand, developing fresh campaigns or reinvigorating an online presence.

This post looks at some of the insights we apply to our work that both start-ups and bigger businesses can benefit from.

Be distinctive

Whether it’s in your name, your product or your logo – aiming to stand out from the crowd is a vital ingredient for success. When done right it can elevate you above your competition. It’s one thing we pride ourselves on. A recent example being an award-winning direct mail for Zen Internet that featured heat reactive print emphasising the human contact the company has with its clients. It was a genuinely different, distinctive and also practical piece of communication (the item included an iPad case) that literally asked recipients to reach out.

Zen Direct Mail

Zen Direct Mail

Be honest

We’re a small team at Dawn and we’re not based in London. We’re a specialised agency of creatives that focus on brand and design. It’s something we’ve talked about before and this concentration and energy on our core offer is something we carry through to everything we do. It’s why we often pitch and win work from bigger agencies. And it’s something we find our clients appreciate – no account managers, no marketing jargon, no meetings about meetings, no hidden costs.

Be practical

Starting a business isn’t easy. It takes planning and a willingness to take risks. Where we can we use services that offer support and can make our life easier. Like any other business we network, we blog and we use online tools such as QuickBooks to build a solid foundation for our work.

Branding is especially important in this regard. Establishing a credible, intelligent brand approach will save time, money and risk in years to come. Even some of the big boys have had their fingers burnt here. A case in point is Pepsi’s constant tinkering with their logo leaving consumers confused, or worse fed up every few years. And it’s a design choice that is reflected in their falling sales figures, even though in blind tastes tests most people prefer Pepsi to Coke. It’s also no coincidence that Coke have built a healthy marketing platform from a visual identity that hasn’t been tampered with for decades.