Wanting to kick start a career in IT after education, it was important for me to develop essential skills within an organisation that was relevant to where I wanted to go. I have looked for work placements before and never found that I have achieved the experience I was searching for. Working with Dawn Creative was very different from what I had done before and I finally found a company that benefited my development.

Working with Dawn Creative

Dawn Creative has given me the opportunity to come in and use the skills I’ve been developing through education in a proactive way inside an active team. I found Dawn Creative a lot different from other placements I had done before. I had a completely proactive influence on the projects they were working on at the time. I found very helpful to understand what it would feel like to work with a team.

When I first arrived for my placement the first task was to research the “Top 50 fastest growing companies in the North West”. From this I then started to Review their online presence and grading each, selecting three that looked the weakest to run a detailed audit. Audits are helpful to analyse the good and bad parts of a website, they are a helpful tool to illustrate what needs changing to potential clients.

I worked with the senior developer who helped me understand what I was looking for in websites and what tools to use to get the best results out of my analysis for each site. We then worked together to construct an audit for one of the 50 companies I found earlier. Once the audit was complete he set me the task to finish the other two audits and return them to him for a check. Once the check was complete these audits were actually ready to be sent to the companies and then we could see if Dawn Creative could win the client from the audits I wrote.

As well as working in-house with the creative team, the creative director also took me out for a morning to show me the other side of the business. We took the train into central Manchester and attended a BNI meeting with around 40 other companies. Here I stood up and introduced myself for 30 seconds. This opportunity allowed me to speak to other IT companies in and around Manchester that potentially could be offering me placements in the up and coming weeks. This was a great experience and it developed my confidence and communication.

Overall the experience here has been fantastic. I have really enjoyed every minute and every task that has come my way. I was very unsure about where I wanted to take myself in IT but after enjoying this week so much a design role in IT could be a way forward in my career path.