It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally managed to complete our Studio Branding in partnering with The Binary Box to bring it to life for us.

Two key areas have been celebrated…  ‘how we do things’ and ‘what we aim to do’.

The massive 18º is more than just a number, it is the way we approach every project, however big or small.

Our approach has 3 clear stages; 18º, 12º and 6º. 18º is the start of Dawn – On the planet you’re in the dark but can feel a sense of light. This is where we sit with our clients to find out exactly what is required. At 12º you can see large objects like trees and buses, this is where we start to design and shape our creative work. And finally at 6º you can see the human face, which is where we refine our work and get it ready for the day ahead and for the world to see.

Our philosophy is ‘Outshine Everybody’.

Dawn Creative Outshine
This is what we strive to achieve every single day for our clients and for ourselves. This can be big strategic pieces or something as simple as working towards having more Google Reviews than a set of local competitors. The point for us, is that we see it all the time, everyday. It means something to us and it changes our behaviours, just like our Brand Values and Brand Purpose do too.

Finally, we have some framed letters that spell out our name. I bought these before I set up the agency because I already knew what the name would be and how we could use it in all that we do. The letters are originals from Linotype in Manchester going back as far as 22nd December 1913. These are important pieces to have in the studio so that we can remember the craft behind the font we use daily.

Picture Frame Font
Picture Frame Timestamp
Studio Branding should be exciting, no doubt, but for us it should mean something too.

If you feel that your office could do with a lift or you want to look at something more strategic like repositioning your brand or developing your website give us a shout.