As a team, we like to set challenges for ourselves to bring us closer together, keep our body’s active and our mind’s healthy, especially in these tricky times. Although currently we can all feel sorry for ourselves and hope for change to come soon so we can live a normal life, this is always the case for other people. In some cases, normal life has never been there or never will be. This year we have set ourselves the challenge to walk the collective distance to the home of Santa (Lapland) by Christmas Eve morning to raise funds for the fantastic Seashell Trust.

Seashell Trust is a national charity supporting children and young adults with complex learning disabilities and additional communication needs from across the UK.

Not only is this charity local to us but it also supports people that struggle in a world which is full of communication, a world which we play a part in to help brands be better at talking to their target audience both in words and visuals, so we could not think of a better charity to support in our challenge.

The challenge in brief:

84 Days

7 Team Members

Distance = 3,006km

In Steps = 3,955,263 (average step is 76cm)

To make this more engaging and to help promote the great work Seashell Trust does, we’ve created a mini-brand identity and are tracking our steps with an impressive Google Sheet.


Campaign Statistics


Brand Identity

Steps to Santa Brand Icon



Our goal is to raise £3,006 for the charity by Christmas to help bring a smile to people’s faces and for them to enjoy Christmas as much as possible – something that we will all need this year.

We have set-up a VirginMoney Page for any donations and would love for you to help us on our way. For every million steps we achieve we will be donating a sum of money to help hit our target, but any virtual encouragement and donations would be much appreciated.

We have currently walked 721,943 steps in 20 days and will keep everyone up-to-date with social posts.

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