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Black and White Friday

The world is not always black and white. But come Friday 23rd November you’ll be thrust into a world of black and white posters, emails, banners and adverts. The Black Friday Sales (and it’s younger sibling Cyber Monday) are soon to be upon us and with it brings a new wave of call to actions to get you spending your hard earned cash before the late present rush.

These adverts don’t only just remind you that you should maybe start thinking about presents at some point, but also reminds us of the power of black and white and how colour isn’t needed if you want to get your point across clearly.

Black Friday

The Use of Colour

A lot of branding and design work focuses heavily on what colour is used to help appeal to the receiver’s desired emotions, but sometimes if the message is clear then the answer is black and white.

The name of Black Friday oddly sounds quite eery and has a sort of halloween murder mystery tone to it, but maybe this is what makes it so memorable and impactful. Red has always been the colour for sales and the odd use of Blue if business isn’t going as well as planned. But no other type of sale seems to have the pulling power of the almighty Black Friday, making people resort to strange amounts of violence just for a half price TV from their local Asda at 8 o’clock in the morning.

You could suggest the design of Black Friday follows the line of propaganda. One colour, one message, chaos ensues.

Black Friday Asda

Some of the world’s strongest slogans don’t use colour, just words. Showing the power of a clear message. Sometimes businesses want to put anything and everything on the page or a website, but if you keep it clean and simple the message will be even clearer, just like Black Friday.

The ‘War is over if you want it’ advert by John Lennon and Yoko Ono is such a great piece of work because of it’s simplicity. It’s easy to read and clean. Nothing else matters but the message.

What can hold some brands back is how their message isn’t clear and consumers and prospect clients just can’t understand what they do.

War Is Over

Black Friday shows us how the meaning of the message and what your brand stands for and how this can be so much more important than a logo or colour palette.

If you want to make your message clearer, get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help you out.

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