How Important Is A Logo To Building Your Brand?

A logo, in simple terms, is your company’s symbol – one that is used to identify you to potential customers. It is effectively the face of your brand, a visual shorthand that prompts people to think of your business when they see it. Naturally, this makes a logo an important element when it comes to building a brand because for those who see it, but don’t do business with your company, the logo is perhaps all that exists.

Why does your business need a logo?

Well, as mentioned above, your logo creates a first impression with potential customers. That is important because it sets a tone for the rest of their interactions. Positive first impressions lead to engagement and interest, while a negative one can make a customer decide then and there that they want to go elsewhere. Another important aspect of your logo is that it ideally boils down your business into an easily digestible identity, immediately informing people who you are and where you’re positioned – but it does not have to show people exactly what you do. Your logo needs to be clutter-free, simple and timeless. A third reason that your business needs a logo is that it can help you to stand out from the competition. When you exist in a crowded sector, you need to think creatively in order to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. A well-designed logo can be the creative spark that puts your brand miles above the rest. Finally, a high-quality logo separates the novices from the professionals. A well-developed brand identity, featuring a professionally-designed logo, is the hallmark of a business that knows what it wants to achieve. A brand can be recognised by colour, type, imagery and tone of voice before your audience even sees your logo, only then do they say “I thought it would be them”. Poor brand identity, or poorly-constructed, self-made logos scream amateurism when juxtaposed with a professional alternative.

What should you consider when creating a logo?

A lot of time and thought goes into making a professionally-constructed logo, and there are many factors to consider in the process. There are several ideas when it comes to logo creation but the first, and arguably most important, one when it comes to design is that it should appeal to your business’s customer base. Good logo creation considers your company’s brand positioning, then uses designs tailored towards attracting that demographic. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, it should be a unique process every time. A successful logo must be memorable and distinctive, appealing to your target market but with a twist to make it stand out.

What damage can a poorly-designed logo do to your business?

You only get one chance at a first impression. Ruining yours with a poorly-designed logo will be costly.  Additionally, a badly-conceived idea may not only fail to appeal to your target market – it can actively put off people you want to buy from you. Attempting to sell to a high-end professional market with a poorly-designed logo will result in loss of business if you are perceived as amateurish. A lesser issue, but still a consequence of poor design, is attempting to make your logo trendy. What is, and is not, in fashion changes rapidly and this can lead to an apparently on-trend logo looking hopelessly dated within a period of months. That could necessitate a redesign, which harms your brand because it risks losing consistency.

Why should you enlist the help of a professional instead of self-creating?

As tempting as it can seem to believe that you know how to make your own logo, and that you don’t need to bother with professional help, the reality is you do. Logo design and creation is a complex business; it ties together market research, brand analysis and professional design to create a custom logo that is right for your firm. As has been outlined above, a good logo can jump-start a business while a bad one can smother it before it has a chance to grow. For that reason, it is worth investing in professional assistance.

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