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How to choose a web design agency

If you’re in the process of creating a website for your company or are looking to revamp an existing one, you may be wondering if you need the services of a web design company. There are a range of advantages to working with a web design agency rather than electing to do it yourself.

A web design agency can give your website the creative edge over the competition but not all agencies are the same. How do you go about choosing the right one for you?

What are the benefits of working with a web design agency?

Even the most skilled amateur is unlikely to have the same level of expertise as you find in a web design agency. They will be made up of experienced professionals, who will use the latest tools and techniques to create something that stands out against the competition.

A professionally designed website creates the right impression with your target market and can also help your SEO performance. Poorly designed websites that are out of date or difficult to navigate rarely appear at the top of the Google search results.

A professionally designed website also helps to foster, support and maintain a consistent brand identity that will ultimately lead to more hits, leads, sign-ups and sales.

How to find the right web design company for you

The web design agency you opt for will depend on a number of different factors. Firstly, you need to be realistic about your budget. Many agencies will offer a range of services, meaning they can work with international businesses and smaller enterprises. Some may focus on start-ups, growing businesses or their local area. Others may have a particular specialty, such as food or leisure.

Some may be large companies that offer a basic service that relies heavily on templates but stops short of being a truly bespoke design service. While this may be preferable to a DIY website, it’s unlikely to deliver all the benefits you might hope for if you commission web design services.

Take a look at the agencies in your area. Although you can work remotely with an agency, sometimes one that understands your local market can be helpful. You might also want to meet them in person to discuss your ideas.

Different agencies will offer different levels of engagement. It may be that you’re happy to fill in a questionnaire and then leave the agency to get on with the job of creating your website. Alternatively, you may wish for deeper involvement with the process.

When you first talk to the agency ask yourself are these people that I can work with, and do they understand my vision?

Things to consider when choosing your agency

When you’re considering potential web design agencies the first question to ask is if your budget is realistic. If they’re unlikely to be able to meet your requirements on the budget you have available then you may need to look elsewhere, or perhaps review your budget accordingly. If the agency believes they can deliver what you have in mind within your available budget, then the next step is to take a look at their portfolio.

The work the agency has completed for other clients is a key indicator of how they work. Don’t just look at screenshots of completed websites. Look at how they perform in real-time. How easy are they to navigate and are they compelling? Try a few different search terms in Google pertinent to the business that the website represents and see where they appear.

Web design agencies may be willing to provide tangible data about the impact their designs have had on the businesses they’ve worked with in terms of web traffic, increased sales and market share. What part have they played in the success of their client businesses?

It’s also prudent to take a look at their reviews and testimonials. Commissioning a website is always a big moment for most businesses and if they’re happy with the finished work, they will usually be happy to recommend the agency that created it.

Questions to ask before hiring an agency

When approaching an agency there are a number of questions that you might want to ask. Firstly, ask who will be working on your website, will it be an experienced team or perhaps someone more junior working mostly alone?

Will they be using templates or will your website be entirely bespoke? You might also want to ask how much input you can have in the process and how you will be kept informed about what’s being developed.

If you’re not happy with how the finished website, will they be willing to revise it for you without incurring any extra charge?

Finally, do they offer any supporting services to help you get the most from the website going forward such as social media and content?

Types of services offered by agencies

Not all web design agencies are the same. Some are one-person businesses that offer basic web design. Others offer a more comprehensive and high-end approach to a range of clients.

Many agencies will be able to support you on an ongoing basis with content and SEO, as well as providing updates for your website. They may also offer regular reviews to assess how well your website is performing.

Tips on how to work with your chosen company

Good communication is key to working with your chosen web design agency. From the first point of contact through to signing off the completed website, your agency should encourage you to share ideas, express your concerns and offer suggestions about the web development process.

Being clear and upfront about what you’re looking for is the best way to avoid any issues developing.

At Dawn Creative, we offer a complete web design service. We can help you create an effective website that improves brand awareness, drives traffic, encourages engagement and ultimately delivers results.

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