How to rebrand a business

A decision to rebrand should not be taken lightly. Your brand defines you; it is who you are, and introduces your story. As a result, changing it can greatly impact your business. That being said, a rebrand can bring about positive change, particularly if you feel your brand no longer reflects your values, has become outdated, or you are expanding into new territories or sectors.

Why change your business branding?


There are many reasons why you may want to rebrand your business.

One of the most common is that your branding is dated.

Even the best logo has a sell-by date, which is why being aware of how yours compares to those of your competitors, as well trends in the modern market, is essential.

It’s worth noting how big name brands, such as Google, Facebook, Pepsi and Microsoft, have updated and modernised their logos and branding over the years to stay ahead in the market.

Poor branding

Like many companies, at the start all of your focus might not have been on branding.

Over time, priorities shift, and as you grow the importance of effective branding will become apparent.

That may prompt an honest assessment of whether yours accurately reflects the company’s values, vision and mission.

Branding is about more than just aesthetics, which is why ensuring you start with the best possible reflection of your business – rather than a stock image logo, for example – will save you  time and money in the long run.

Change in direction

At some point, most businesses are presented with an opportunity to expand into new territories.

Before you do, it’s important to consider your brand’s position.

Reach out to a new demographic can significantly grow your business, but you must ensure at the very least that your logo is reflective of the services or products you provide.

A change of target market may require a different approach when it comes to encouraging a connection with your brand.


In the 21st century, virtually every industry is saturated with consumers having more choice than ever .

As a result, you may believe it is time to refresh your business’ branding to help you compete better in increasingly challenging markets.

A generic name and logo can damage your business more than you’d think, and relying only on rudimentary marketing materials won’t make you stand out from the crowd.

By rebranding, you can begin to set yourself apart from competitors by making the most of an opportunity to showcase what makes you different, and why you should be the destination of choice in your field.

A fresh logo, even a new name, can have a massive impact on your growth; just look at Nike, who used to be Blue Ribbon Sports!

What is the process of rebranding?

The rebranding process consists of several steps.

First, you should truly understand the mission, vision and values of your business.

Why are you doing it? What makes you different from the competition? And what do you value as a company?

These are all questions that require defined answers before beginning a rebranding process.

The next stage is to consider how extensive you want a rebrand to be, because you are unlikely to be starting from scratch.

You will likely have branding in place already, and be recognisable to existing customers

For that reason, a partial rebrand may be a better solution.

Look at your existing assets; you can still make sure consistent business branding is maintained, while increasing the overall trust and value of your company.

Research is vital when it comes to rebranding, which is why taking the time to understand and consider the market you are in, current trends, and your competition, is so important.

What does your competition do well in terms of branding?

What do you think you could do better?

What makes your business stand out in the crowd? Finding answers to each of these questions, and conducting thorough research, will ensure you understand what you do – and don’t – like.

From there, you can create business branding that is fresh, exciting and will provide you with the longevity you crave.

Rebranding is a lengthy and extensive process that requires a lot of time and consideration, which is why it must be managed carefully.

It is always recommended to use a professional design agency when it comes to rebranding, because these specialist teams can ensure deadlines met and that the project retains focus.

People want to work with others that they know and trust.

Your team is the most valuable asset to your business, which is why getting feedback from members will be valuable. They are the people who use your brand furniture on a daily basis. and they will be honest about what does, and does not, work.

However, rebranding is more than an internal affair.

Instead, it is something that should be celebrated and shouted from the rooftops.

It is important to launch a rebrand officially, so that new and existing customers can see who you are and what your now represent.

You don’t want your customers to be confused, and not know who you are, which is why showing why you rebranded – by sharing your story – is part of the solution.

Revamping your business branding is a big decision to make, and it can be a scary endeavour, but ultimately it demonstrates your business’ commitment to growth.

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