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The cost of bad design

With over 90% of people leaving a website due to bad design it’s so important to get it right and invest in doing so. And this does not just apply to website design. It applies to everything a company does. Whether that’s something as small as your email footer or as important as your logo you need to take it seriously. You need to make it simple. You need to be consistent. And you need to repeat, repeat, repeat.

Every time we step out the front door we see brands. We see messaging. We see posters. We see leaflets, social posts, emails – the list goes on and on. To make your business or brand stand out in all of this noise can be hard work. But there are things you can do.

Be consistent

People like consistency. We like to think we will take risks, mix things up, do something that we wouldn’t normally do, but it’s not often the case. Even when we go on holiday we like to claim the same sun lounger or table at dinner. We soon set the rules even when we are supposed to be having a break. Your brand is no different, which makes the design of your communications critical to your success. Consistency creates trust. Trust creates customers – and loyal ones at that.

Keep things simple

Why make something more difficult than it needs to be? With all the messages a person is faced with on a daily basis the only way to break through is to make your brand and design simple. It needs to be seen first, then easy to read and understand. If your design is overly complicated, badly laid out and has too many messages it will get lost in everything else. You’re not going to get the engagement you need and the customers you want. Simple wins every time.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

A person often needs to see a message or an advert 7-8 times before they take any action. Yes, 7-8 times. To help them to do this you need to focus on the first two points above and then repeat, repeat, repeat. Just because you might be bored of your message or advert or social posts doesn’t mean your customers are. There’s a chance they’ve not even seen it and if they have it might only be 3-4 times so they have further to go before they can buy.

If you follow the 3 tips above you will most definitely break through the noise.

Don’t let bad design hold you back and make sure you avoid any of these mistakes.

You might not get fired but you will damage your brand.

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