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Web Design Trends 2023

As the internet continues to evolve at a crazy pace, it’s so important for web designers and developers to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-changing demands of those looking for everything and anything online.


In this article, we’ll uncover the latest design approaches, techniques, and aesthetics that are defining the web design industry this year so far. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring designer, keeping on top of web design trends will hopefully keep you from losing your job to AI…

We asked our head of design, Oli Furze, and Designer Alice Milner about their thoughts on current web design trends, and what may be to come…

Which web design trends do you expect to see more of in the coming 12 months?

Oli: Definitely AI will have a big say, as it’s everywhere. The styles of these sites that are incorporating AI in some way are already starting to create a trend with how they look. Apple’s Vision Pro could explode ideas of spatial UI – I’d think influences of that will start to filter into the design of traditional ‘2D’ websites we use, and people will be experimenting with this in a fully 3D environment. That’s exciting as it really does open up new ways of thinking about UI and web design.

Alice: AI is huge at the moment, it’s everywhere in the design world and it’s only going to become more and more popular. Whether it’s individual elements being created with AI to add to sites or implementing AI components such as chats into functionality, AI is only going to become more and more common in practice.

Dark Mode, too. It’s been around for a long time but the benefits of using dark modes are becoming more transparent. It reduces eye strain, looks visually appealing and environmentally has benefits too (strangely enough) as it uses less power!

I think simple & minimalist designs are trending a lot more recently, stripping back websites to the minimum. Allowing the content to speak for itself and giving it space to do so. Embracing white space and finding a balance between too much and too little.


What influences web design trends? What may have influenced the ones you have outlined?

Oli: The Apple one is a great example – they are clearly influential in the design world and often if they introduce something, it quickly becomes common practice or behaviour because people use their products and interfaces every day. If they do something that feels a bit ‘out there’ at first, you can almost guarantee that feeling will wear off pretty quickly. They have always been early adopters trend-wise, think about Apple Pay, iPad, iPod. They’ve always lead the way in the digital space, and I don’t think this will be any different.

Alice: Design trends will always impact ways we work, and that doesn’t exclude web. As mentioned above, AI is everywhere in the design world currently so it’s no surprise that it’s impacting the way we look at web projects. The same goes for minimalist design, web is just another platform to explore these trends, but in a more interactive space.


What are your thoughts on trends on the whole – a fad? Or a way of modernising your site?

Oli: If you show a client a website design that feels ‘on trend’ it’s probably quite a safe way to get buy-in from them as they will feel comfortable that it will fit in within their sector. If a client really wants to make waves and get noticed, we’d encourage them to be brave and think differently. You can take inspiration from loads of places and make a site feel modern without falling back on trends necessarily.

Alice: I don’t think they’re a fad when they’re used in the correct way. Implementing AI in to a site just because it’s a trend is obviously not the correct move but if it lends itself to a brand and helps push it then why not! If a maximalist company decided that because minimalist sites were trending they needed to change theirs to be minimal, again it wouldn’t make sense. I think if trends align to a brands values and identity then i think they can be embraced in a good way to appeal to the audience. Using trends blindly can have a negative impact, a website should reflect the brand’s identity and meet the needs of its target audience .

Why is it important to recognise web design trends?

Oli: It’s not necessarily just from an aesthetic point of view, new UI features or ways of engaging users pop up all the time, and good ones that serve a purpose gradually become familiar behaviour. We should be trying to make design as intuitive and enjoyable as possible so there’s no point in just ploughing your own furrow all the time, as you’d be bound to miss things.

Which resources can you rely on to stay updated with the latest web design trends?

Oli: These are all beautifully curated, and there are sites pushing boundaries here all the time, though you can spot trends over time as well:


Alice: I’d agree with all of those! Also, keep your eye out for inspiration everywhere. Trends come and go, and what’s popular today may quickly become outdated tomorrow. By finding inspiration in the real world, we as a design community can create designs that become timeless. My advice would be to find inspiration in not just trends, but nature, art, architecture, and cultural heritage. Be inspired whilst you’re walking your dog. When you visit a new country, when you go to a museum. Make sure that your designs, whether it’s web-based design work, brand work or something else, reflect your brand, and don’t blindly follow trends, as important as new developments and trends may be.


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