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Cadence Partners are a recruitment and consultancy agency focussing on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace. They don’t just place diverse talent, but develop organisations by working with them to improve their EDI policies and practices.

Their purpose is to create a more equitable, just and representative society, where everyone has opportunity, whatever their background.

They didn’t feel a connection with their existing visual brand identity, which felt overly corporate and didn’t represent their values. They approached us to re-shape it, in order to resonate with clients and candidates in their sector and to celebrate their deeper purpose.


We held a series of workshops to create alignment across the organisation, producing a strategy that had their social purpose at the heart to drive decision making and planning.

In the accompanying visual identity, we wanted to celebrate their connection to people and their strength in diversity. We evolved their old logo, bringing a depth of meaning to the existing plus symbol.

We elevated the plus to front and centre with a North star cut, representing their leadership, guidance and direction. We developed a system of shapes derived from the plus symbol, each with different characteristics that leant on the idea of diversity. A wide colour palette with a number of hues and human tones lent further weight to this connection, and we introduced playful illustrations that allowed us to pivot away from photography when needed.


Thanks to the new identity, Cadence Partners have instantly recognisable brand collateral, and an identity that better represents their strong brand purpose.