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  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Strategy
  • Online Presence
  • Digital Branding
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We met Dinosco before they had considered any brand identity for their global business. Working closely with them to understand their multifaceted offer in the world of sensors, we needed to create a brand that could be grasped universally, particularly in China which housed a large part of the business operation.

After running a series of brand workshops with key stakeholders, we developed a digitally inspired dot matrix grid that could communicate the message of the business simply and graphically. Our research had uncovered the importance of the number 9 in Chinese culture, symbolising longevity and a strong association with Chinese Emperors. The core logo was made up of 9 dots from the grid system to form the letter D from Dinosco.


The typeface was selected specifically for it’s rounded corners which matched perfectly with the circular identity system.

In addition to the number 9, our research found that the circle stood for fulfilment, oneness, perfection and unity, all of which tied in closely to the brand values we had created.

Our system allowed us to create any image or graphic to tell a story in pictures which could translate on a global scale.


Once the brand identity and brand guidelines were completed, we continued to work with Dinosco to ensure all their marketing collateral was consistent and considered. This involved sales presentations, printed literature and online presence across their social platforms and website.