DN Dance

Rebrand and Website


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Offering a complete range of dance classes from children to adults, DN Dance came to us after a recommendation from one of our existing clients in the same field. They were looking to refresh their website and we quickly established they ran three core businesses which all operated under the DN umbrella but lacked any coherence or consistency. The conversation moved to brand and whilst they’d already invested in establishing brand values and tone of voice, their online presence wasn’t reflecting these. We suggested that before tackling their web presence it was important to address this, allowing for a sound platform for growth and expansion that they were looking to achieve.

We agreed that it made sense to tie the overall look of three businesses together, which would allow a seamless customer journey across all possible touch points. We tackled the overall DN brand first, creating a modern monogram, which was linked together and housed in a circle to represent their inclusive family values. This would provide the top level brand architecture allowing all current and possible future branches of the business to sit alongside it.

We created a simple pattern which took queues from dance steps and used circles which mirrored the housing of their monogram logo.

We used an accessible supporting typeface and a complimentary colour palette which we adapted to each arm of the business, depending on their target market.

The brand has been applied across uniforms and accessories for teachers and pupils, as well as collateral to attract prospective new customers.

DN Dance
DN Dance tshirt branding

We developed three websites for each arm of the business and built in links between relevant content to allow customers to move between them seamlessly.