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Getting Dirty is a clothing line borne out of the founder’s love for Motocross. Her vision was to create technical level apparel to appeal to a community of adrenaline seekers, with an ethical stance on production and distribution. After a few years, the brand became established, and their products even appeared on MTV. But, there was a problem.

There were multiple iterations of the logo, none of which quite hit the mark for the positioning of their brand. This created inconsistencies across the clothing and confusion amongst their following. So, they approached Dawn to realign the brand and create a fresh identity.


All current imagery, design and output was gathered, before we drilled into the strategy during a brand workshop. We began to construct an overarching vision that would help to tie the spirit of the brand of the brand together, and allow us to align the positioning and visuals.

The logo became the starting point. Evolving and refining from some of the existing formats, we began to draw out examples resembling a race track. Looking to create a focal point that the brand could stand behind, we researched classic 60s and 70s race paraphernalia. Delving into motocross history we found the story of Bob Hannah, a legend in the sport with a brash and outspoken personality whose wild riding style captured the heart and minds of spectators. His lightning bolt motif and spirit encapsulated the energy of the brand perfectly, and we developed a framework for the brand visuals based on Bob’s legacy – activewear for the bold.

The lightning bolt as a symbol of raw, elemental energy, began to tie everything together, spinning off patterns, glyphs and angles. All of this would end up inspiring the clothing designs, and we worked closely with Rosebudd Design to incorporate considered elements throughout everything from lining, to pockets and zips.


The visual brand was accompanied by a complimentary tone of voice led by the Brand Core Strategy. A series of bold one-liners were developed as part of this exercise, which appear throughout the clothing and their new website.


The end result was a cohesive, consistent brand identity. The apparel is available online through our designed bespoke Shopify website.

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