Branding and Website


  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Positioning
  • Online Presence
  • Digital Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Animation


Koutes are a British born fashion brand for those wanting to step out in style and get noticed. Keeping faithful to their Manchester roots, they are constantly looking at creative ways to source, design and deliver their products whilst giving back to the community. After taking them through our brand workshop, we cemented their values and approach to inclusivity, helping their customers to stand taller than before.

Our approach led us to looking at symbols: something that represents, stands for or suggests an idea, belief, action, or entity. We researched historical symbolism, creating an amalgamated logo representing giving back, moving forwards and their ‘K’ initial. To make their customers really feel part of something, we crafted the logo as a tribal mark which could effectively encapsulate this feeling across their clothing range.

We developed a suite of language including their key tagline of ‘Make your mark,’ to be used in lead advertising and social media. We created bespoke brushed typography taking cues from the tribal marks in their logo.

We kept the supporting colour palette stripped back to let the clothing take centre stage, whilst including bespoke touches such as silver foiling across tags and business cards to support their high quality standing within the market.

We built their website to include simple categorisation and intuitive user journeys to optimise the buying experience and maximise sales. The site is updated with the latest seasonal launches and products, whilst social media activity campaigns plug directly into their shop to increase brand awareness and engagement. We’ve enjoyed a great relationships with Koutes who bought into our approach from the start, saying: “A massive thank you to the team for making our dream a tangible reality – we can’t wait for the next steps. We love it!”