Rebrand and Print


  • Brand Identity Design


Following an acquisition by one of our existing clients, LE-AL were looking for a new brand identity to reflect the exquisite level of furniture created in their site on the outskirts of Stockport. We naturally wanted to know more, so we took a tour around their facility to see their craftsmanship in action.

The new logotype was inspired by the ‘dovetail finish’ found on many of their pieces of luxury furniture. We added to this with a bespoke ‘seal of approval’ marque which celebrated the different ways wood could be cut. This brand asset acted as a signature of quality which could only be found on LE-AL furniture.

Every branded piece of communication was considered, and crafted, to match the quality found in the years of experience accumulated at the LE-AL workshop. Bespoke photography of the craftspeople celebrated their talent alongside the physical pieces they’d produced.