Pie Love

Branding and Print


  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Animation


We met the founders of Pie Love from a previous client relationship, but when it was time to take their hobby more seriously they instantly thought of us. The name was already there and so was their love of pies. We created a rounded, fulfilling typeface for the logo which was mainly created from a core heart shape. This bespoke shape formed three of the letters in the logo and became the lead graphic in the brand assets.

The shape was utilised to create a repetitive pattern that we also called “The Crimp”.

We also encouraged the passionate founders to spend a small amount on a branded pastry cutter, which made a world of difference to the product on market day.

We created all the essential brand assets for launch, such as aprons, flyers, loyalty cards and bags – for those who love their pies too. The Pie Love team added: “You’ve been an important part of our success. Thank you for your all creative input.”