Resonance Harmonics

Rebrand and Print


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Positioning


Resonance Harmonics create products, tools and services which interpret the universal language of shape, vibration and symmetry. These help their customers achieve a sense of calm, positivity and wellbeing within the body and the mind. After running through a brand workshop with the team to fully understand their business, we agreed on their values and promise to their customers. We then created an elegant brand identity, underpinned by the study of sacred geometry and circles. Seven circles form the logo and align with the seven Chakras within the body.

Colour inspiration is taken from natural minerals and the neutral colours are paired with a warm, soothing pink. The headline font uses a geometric dot matrix to compliment the circle forms of the identity.

Print finishes and packaging use high quality GF Smith Colorplan stock and copper foil to compliment the finish of the metallic plates.