White Light

Rebrand and Print


  • Brand Identity Design


White Light PR are a collective consultancy, specialising in PR and Social Media Management. They approached us to craft a brand identity which would reflect their approach to creating bespoke campaigns for their clients. After a brand workshop to delve into their company values and target audience, we developed visuals to mirror their approach to working with their client base; namely absorbing their personality and reflecting their output exactly as they’d pictured.

We played on the idea of light and reflection, using the company initials to create a WL monogram. A heavy use of negative space increases the feeling of light passing through the letterforms themselves.

The elements of the letters are deconstructed and built back, where the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. The idea of reflection was further carried through into repetitive patterns and their tone of voice. Their quality is assured through an elegant colour palette and foiled stationary, appealing to their target client base.