Direct Mail


  • Brand Strategy
  • UX/UI Design


We were tasked with creating Direct Mail to celebrate the ‘Human Touch’ that Zen offer when dealing with their clients. The aim was to approach 20 key prospects with the aim of, firstly, grabbing their attention and secondly getting an initial meeting. The final concept and execution was very different, very tailored and very human. It also won Gold at the Global Creative Awards at Creative Pool, London.

The final Direct Mail piece was highly finished. Using paper over board to create the box, typography from foil and a fingerprint graphic that was screen printed this piece of post was destined to get noticed.

Once opened the recipient would find a tablet case which they could use, with a mock screen. The screen simply had the outline of a hand with a prompt to touch. Using heat sensitive ink, a personalised message would appear from your dedicated account manager explaining exactly what they could do for your business.

Each direct mail had a personalised website domain which the recipient would go to. On arrival they would be presented with a video that had been pre-recorded for them by the same account manager. The landing page celebrated all the points of difference Zen have and offered the prospect the chance to meet for a coffee to talk further. We had also pre-populated the Google Map to show the nearest coffee shop the their location. Now, that is a ‘Human Touch’.