How does branding add value to a business?

Your brand identity is the way in which you present yourself to the world. It takes the core values of your organisation and presents them to your customers. It helps to make your business, products and services instantly recognisable, and the reaction this prompts should be positive.

So, how exactly does value addition from branding work?

Branding establishes name recognition

Branding is a cohesive set of tools that taken together can work to promote name recognition of your company. Choice of colours, fonts, design and logos all help people remember and recognise your business. If they’ve had a positive experience with your products or services then name recognition will help them recall those experiences.

Branding builds trust

A strong consistent brand can help you build trust with your customers. It gives them confidence that here is a cohesive and reliable brand that they can trust to deliver the goods and services they expect. By repeated exposure to your brand signifiers, over time they come to associate those with your business and readily bring them to mind when they’re in the market for what you offer.

Branding builds and maintains customer loyalty

As well as offering great products, services and attention to your customers’ needs, branding plays a key role in establishing customer loyalty. Because branding is rooted in your business philosophy and objectives it should provide plenty of points of reference for your customers to latch on to.

If your brand projects values that your customers share you can over time build real customer loyalty. This can be invaluable in not only creating a viable ongoing customer base, but also helping to spread the word about your business. Loyal customers are more likely to share and engage with your digital marketing efforts.

A strong brand can unite and motivate employees

For most people, their job is about much more than just bringing home a wage. The people who work hardest, remain loyal and develop real passion for what they do, usually have a strong affection for the company and its ethos.

Branding plays a part in developing that ethos, helping to create a cohesive company culture and sense of belonging. Your branding can also help to attract the applicants who share your company values whenever staff vacancies arise, meaning that your employees become increasingly aligned with what you’re trying to achieve. Your company should be a shared endeavour and strong, coherent branding is a tool to achieve that.

Strong branding can improve your business’ perceived equity

In plain English this means that a brand actually adds value to what you can charge for your goods and services. Think of premium branding and the role it plays in establishing the idea of quality. People pay more for a box of Twining’s tea than they do a supermarket own brand because the brand speaks of a certain set of values.

Dawn Creative understands branding

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