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Designing a website isn’t just about pretty colours and cool transitions. It’s about considering what you want people to do, and making it as easy as possible for them to do that thing. It’s creating a brilliant user experience, and designing a user interface that is simple and slick. Our team of web designers make sure your brand is shown in its best light on every page, and completely aligns with your values and brand positioning.

Why use a brand-led agency to do your web design?

Some agencies don’t even ask for brand guidelines as part of their process. Everything becomes disjointed with their brand. We’d never let that happen.

We’re obsessed with brand. Making sure everything aligns, is on-brand, and supports your brand positioning. High-end brands need high-end websites. A fun brand needs to embody that across its website. Whatever you stand for, your website should clearly show that – not just in its visuals, but the way it works, the functionality, through the UX and UI too.

Working with a brand-led agency, you’re safe in the knowledge that your brand image is in the forefront of our minds when making decisions on designs or how things animate or move.

We have three pillars here at Dawn: Brand, Digital and Motion. Our specialism in motion means we can animate videos and parts of the website to ensure that it is consistent with the rest of the brand.

Bespoke web design

Our digital team are traditional developers in that they like to write code. Call us old-fashioned, but we’d rather put the time in at the beginning so that your website can do absolutely everything you need it to. No templates means no restrictions, and nothing is off-limits. Yes, it will cost you more than if you used an agency that uses templates, but it also means you’ll be able to tweak your site yourself, move things around, add things, take things away, and not have to pay for a complete redesign in a few years’ time.

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Our web design process



There is a strong collaboration that happens between the design and development team. Once the designs have been produced, we’ll arrange a call to go over this and discuss any changes needed before sharing with you.

We will discuss how things will animate, hover and just generally work. The same collaboration happens the other way, later in the project, too – with design fully reviewing the development link, before we share it with you. This ensures everything is fully quality checked.



We build the website with HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery / Javascript, NPM, Grunt, Composer and WordPress, utilising a full array of scripting languages.



All designs are created in Figma, which gives the developers full control over all assets and can see the colours, sizes etc that are applied, which they then work into the development build.



Once the site is built and ready to go, we’ll get it all signed off and do any last amends, then test it. We test how it will work and look on all kinds of devices, and make sure it’s responsive to all screen sizes. We’ll make sure your security measures are all in place, then it’s time for launch!

Who we work with

Brand, Digital
& Motion

We believe every brand is a sleeping giant just waiting to be awoken. To rise up and show the world what it's made of. It's our job to chip away at the stone and realise its potential.

You need a website that does it all. That inspires and informs, builds confidence and trust. That enhances experiences and turns casual browsers into lifetime customers.

How your brand moves says things words can’t. Every movement either raises hairs or raises eyebrows. Delights or deters. It's important to make every movement count.

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Joanna Pawlowicz

Marketing Manager Softbank
Dawn Creative team is a dream to work with! We partnered up on a rebranding project for our [DMFA] website, and could not be happier with the end results. The support we've received was truly exceptional - from the initial branding workshops, development phase, all the way through to the launch. It is great to see how our vision came to life, and how the team managed to take a very simple concept, transforming it into a whole brand identity that aligns with our vision & mission.

Anthony Massie

Herbert and Webster
I have used Dawn for a number of design projects recently. From creating our website to designing our business cards, the quality of work has always been to the high standard and deadlines have always been met. Would highly recommend!

David Vernon

Account Director Candidsky
It’s been a pleasure working with Dawn from start to finish. They recently created our new brand and website, and since then, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries and had multiple compliments on our unique identity.

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