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We build many of our websites in WordPress, because we think it’s best.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the planet. We think people should be able to edit, change and update their website as much as they want to with ease, and WordPress lets you do that once we’ve built your site.

As well as ease of use in the back end (which we’ll teach you once the site is built), WordPress sites are scalable, meaning you won’t have to pay to completely redesign your site at a later date, you can just make changes to your existing site. That’s the beauty of bespoke sites, too.

WordPress Agency Manchester

Here’s why you’ll like WordPress:


The way we build websites in WordPress, you have full control over everything you can add, edit and delete. No spending money asking the agency to amend something tiny, you can go in the back end and do it yourself. Don’t worry though, you’ll never be able to mess up the core stylings that make your website work and keep it on brand.

It’s optimised for search

You can easily apply important SEO elements including titles, meta descriptions, keywords, social sharing assets, schema and sitemaps. Other systems make this much more difficult and sometimes it is needed to be done within the code itself. We’ll teach you how to do everything, too.

It’s scalable, and easy to use

We build websites in a way that’s completely bespoke. The way we do it, you won’t ever have to completely overhaul your site again. You can add to it, change it, make it look and feel like a completely different website in the future if you want to, because it’s built in a way which makes that possible. The user interface in the admin console is also really clean and easy to use, even if you’re not particularly techy.

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Design and development, together

What are the benefits of using a brand-led agency to do your WordPress website?

We make sure that your website follows your brand guidelines as closely as possible. Some agencies don’t even ask for brand guidelines as part of their process and therefore everything becomes disjointed with their brand. We do work beforehand to make sure your brand guidelines are all where they should be, and we know your overall brand inside out. You’re safe in the knowledge that this is in the forefront of our minds when making decisions on designs or how things animate or move. For example, if we know you’re a premium brand, we’ll make sure your UI reflects that.

Speaking of making things move, our animation team helps with animating videos and parts of the website to ensure that it is consistent with the overall brand.

Do we use WordPress templates?

We do not. Our developers like writing code, and getting everything exactly how you want it. When you are using templates, you are mostly going to be using a page builder and therefore no code will need to be written. This theoretically means anyone can build a website with a small bit of knowledge.

Writing custom, bespoke code allows full control of how something will look and work, whereas with a template/theme you are at the mercy of how this has been built. Should there be a bug in that code, you are hoping that the theme developer will patch it – but there are no guarantees that will be done. Whilst they are looking at that, the website is broken.

Most of the designs that we produce wouldn’t be replicable in a page builder, or template based theme. It is the finer details when bespoke building that stands it apart, by being able to set custom animations on something, or adding a nice hover effect, have full control over every pixel and responsive breakpoint.

When using a theme, the developer of that theme would have thought of thousands of variants in terms of options, layouts, components, colours etc – so all of this code exists within the codebase, which will naturally slow the website down, even though the vast majority of it you are never utilising.

Another benefit is that once the website is built and live, any changes made after that would be quicker and easier as you aren’t having to delve into so much code for every possible variant that has been built in.

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Joanna Pawlowicz

Marketing Manager Softbank
Dawn Creative team is a dream to work with! We partnered up on a rebranding project for our [DMFA] website, and could not be happier with the end results. The support we've received was truly exceptional - from the initial branding workshops, development phase, all the way through to the launch. It is great to see how our vision came to life, and how the team managed to take a very simple concept, transforming it into a whole brand identity that aligns with our vision & mission.

Andy Atkinson

Marketing Director Mutual Vision
We worked with Dawn to completely overhaul our company messaging, branding and website and we couldn’t be happier with the result! The people at Dawn led us through the process from start to finish and worked in a very collaborative way which made the project a real joy. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Neil Richardson

Head of Business Development and Strategy Rick Shiels Media
Dawn Creative surpassed our expectations with their creativity and originality. They took the time to understand our company values, mission, and target audience, and developed a brand identity that truly resonates with our core beliefs. The innovative concepts, thoughtful designs, and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the brand development process.

Caroline Hazard

Marketing Manager Adidas
We really thank you for everything. Everyone loved the content you produced for our global event - it's also being used as a sell-in tool internally so it will be really helpful to the sales team. Our VP of Marketing was really impressed so let’s keep up the great work.

David Vernon

Account Director Candidsky
It’s been a pleasure working with Dawn from start to finish. They recently created our new brand and website, and since then, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries and had multiple compliments on our unique identity.

Emma Parven

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Zen Internet
We wanted a complete web refresh with additional functionality with a planned live date within 6 weeks. I had just started working with Dawn (have worked with multiple agencies) and was sceptical at to whether they'd hit the deadline but they absolutely did. Was very impressed with the service, speed and delivery. Great job!

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