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Brand positioning is where your brand sits amongst your competitors. It’s the “type” of company you are on a scale from cheap to expensive; from value for money to high quality.

What is brand positioning?

In the supermarket industry, LIDL sits at one end of the scale, and Booths or Waitrose sits at the other end. But it’s not just about price.

It can determine whether your brand is accessible to everyone or exclusive. These characteristics usually correlate to price, naturally, due to the rules of supply and demand.

Why is brand positioning important?

It’s important to determine your brand positioning so that you can build out your brand strategy. Positioning will influence your audience and who your target customers are, your tone of voice, all the way through to your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns, and how you appear in the minds of consumers.

It’s important to note that it is possible to provide a great customer experience no matter what positioning strategy you use. No matter whether you use a price-based positioning strategy or a quality-based positioning strategy, you should always keep your target market in mind, and provide a great experience, otherwise they won’t remain loyal for long.

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Examples of brand positioning

Let’s look at LIDL. They know their ideal customer wants value for money. They’re price-driven, and want a bargain. They can keep their costs down to be able to offer their customers the value they need, by keeping staff levels in-store to a minimum. They provide a wide range of products (no exclusivity, high supply and low prices), and stand out in a crowded marketplace through their marketing and branding decisions, such as the use of primary colours and their simple tone of voice.

Brand positioning affects things like the location of where you sell, too. A gym brand with a high brand positioning might only open gyms in wealthy areas, as they know their audience inside out, and know where they’re most likely to live. They are more likely to use high-quality materials to build the changing rooms, as they don’t need to keep costs down due to their positioning and their price point. On the flip side, a cheaper, more accessible gym might have many locations in more affordable parts of town. They might have to keep costs down by not having a pool or sauna though, and having automated entrances rather than focussing on exceptional customer service by having someone greeting them at the door and remembering their name.

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How do you determine your brand positioning?

There’s not really an order of which things you need to consider first to get a cohesive brand strategy. You need to look at your audience, your goals, your product, the market competition, gaps in the market, how much you want to charge, and the kind of business you are or want to be.

We always start on any brand project with a brand workshop. We go over your core values, your audience, your brand personality, your positioning and your vision, amongst other things that make up your entire brand strategy. If you’re rebranding, or repositioning to go in a new direction, we look at your current positioning and assess where you want to be.

From there, we’ll look at what needs to change. That’s not just your visual identity, but could include your product/service offering, your pricing model, who your potential customers are, and we’ll look at other successful brands with the same strong brand positioning you’re aiming to achieve. Then, we get to work on making those changes.

Effective brand positioning can make or break your business.


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Brand Review

Joanna Pawlowicz

Marketing Manager Softbank
Dawn Creative team is a dream to work with! We partnered up on a rebranding project for our [DMFA] website, and could not be happier with the end results. The support we've received was truly exceptional - from the initial branding workshops, development phase, all the way through to the launch. It is great to see how our vision came to life, and how the team managed to take a very simple concept, transforming it into a whole brand identity that aligns with our vision & mission.

Sonya Carassik Ratty

Strategy & Partnerships Manager Disabled Living
The Dawn team really took the time to understand the organisation during our rebrand process, and brought imagination and real creativity to it. Communication was clear throughout. We're absolutely delighted with the result.

Charlotte Donoghue

Say It With Diamonds
Where do I start? We joined Dawn on a recommendation from a very trusted friend and business coach, and we have not looked back, the professionalism and how they work is absolutely outstanding, the full team are exceptional. Our business revenue has exploded in the short time we have worked with dawn approx 9 months. We have not looked back and we can not recommend their service ls enough. We look forward to lots more success and lots more years in business.

Anthony Massie

Herbert and Webster
I have used Dawn for a number of design projects recently. From creating our website to designing our business cards, the quality of work has always been to the high standard and deadlines have always been met. Would highly recommend!

Jennifer Bailey

CEO Calla Shoes
The feedback we've had [on the rebrand] has been incredible - the new look and feel together with the launch of our new improved range has dramatically increased revenue this year already!

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