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Nando’s just revealed their sonic logo, but what is sonic branding?

Sonic branding is the sound and movement of your overall brand.

It’s the duh-dummmm you hear when opening Netflix.
The McDonalds whistle at the end of the TV ads.
And now, the Afro-Luso inspired beat at the end of the Nando’s ad!

You’d know them anywhere if you heard them.

In today’s digital world, sound and motion can be incorporated into almost anything you produce. It’s a way of making your brand appeal to another sense, memorable to your audience in another way.

Movement and sound can work in harmony across your entire brand, bringing another dimension to your social posts, adverts, videos, podcast, presentations, TV ads, holding music, and everywhere else your brand exists online, or digitally. It’s another thing that can prompt brand recall. Just like a strong brand colour, a distinctive sound sticks in your head. It becomes recognisable. Unique to you.


How to determine your sonic brand

Have you noticed how brands move differently?
Some glide… with a smooth, calm, effortless serenity. Others stomp. Putting. The. Boot. In. What’s the emotion of your brand motion? What’s the sound of your brand sonic?

If your brand was an animal, how would it move?
In our Brand Strategy Toolkit and brand workshop, we relate your brand sound and motion to animals. A spa brand would never choose a lion. A motorbike brand would never choose a llama. As soon as you know the way you move and sound, you can start to think about the transitions you use in your videos and the kind of sound you may use when you start a client presentation.


Make sure your sonic brand reflects your values

Nando’s has considered its Southern American heritage when creating their new sonic brand.

Everything your brand does needs to stem from your brand values.
Is your brand about creating the feeling of peace and serenity within the mind of your customer? Make sure that’s reflected in the sound you make.

Today’s digital world gives every brand the opportunity to make more of a noise. Literally. So celebrate it.

Need help determining your sonic brand? Get in touch. 


Examples of sonic branding

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