Managing the Novatiq brand through our Outshine model

“Outshine” is what we call our brand management package. It’s an ongoing partnership between our agency and another brand, allowing them to send over any brand, design, digital, or motion requests, and we’ll work with them to make it happen.

Outshine for Novatiq

Our Outshine model is more than just a service; it’s a direct relationship with the heart of Novatiq’s marketing team. Over time, our partnership with Novatiq has evolved, from initial brand overhauls to ongoing brand management across a spectrum of marketing activities. Whether it’s revamping their website, crafting engaging blog content, or designing social media posts, we’re there every step of the way. We have become an extension of their team, offering support and expertise whenever needed.

In some cases, we seamlessly integrate with teams that lack in-house design resources, providing high-level strategic input and granular design support. For Novatiq, where specific design resources were scarce, we stepped in as their de facto in-house designers, ensuring their brand always shines bright.

Brand Management: What’s involved?

We initially started working with Novatiq to tighten up their brand architecture. Understanding which products sat where, as customers were starting to get confused as to what the company did, and which products related to which service. After this initial piece of strategy work, we worked with them to understand the customer journey, and make sure it was as slick as it could be. This developed to completing a UX review of the website, and understanding where the brand could improve from this perspective.

One of our four core values at Dawn is being customer-focussed. This sounds obvious on the face of it, but we’re talking about our customer’s customer. And making sure they had the best experience when exploring the Novatiq website was important to us. Identifying UX issues and resolving confusing UI elements were just some of the tasks we tackled proactively.

Then our relationship expanded further into the digital team, and our website design and development team completely restructured their website. As time went on, the Novatiq team worked with nearly every member of Dawn, taking full advantage of the motion team, all of our designers, our brand strategy experts, and our digital team. This diverse skill set means that they’re getting a whole team worth of experience and skill, without having to hire their own designers, animators, brand strategists, UX/UI professionals, and graphic designers in-house.

How do we manage all of these projects?

Well, we make sure that tasks are organised and time is allocated effectively throughout the month. By collating tasks and implementing a clear plan of action, nothing ever gets missed, everything is scheduled, we all know what we’re working on and who is doing the work.

In essence, our Outshine model isn’t just about managing brands; it’s about elevating them to new heights. Nothing is ever off-brand, we’re always here when they need us, it’s one single point of contact, and we never mark-up anything we have to use partners for. Through this model, we’ve helped Novatiq shine brighter in their industry. And this is just the beginning of our journey together.

Let’s talk about managing your brand

If you’re looking for an agency to manage your brand, our Outshine model is the answer. Get in touch today, and let’s make your brand truly shine.