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Bitcoin Frontier Fund specialise in Bitcoin investment, building communities and supporting Bitcoin-based companies through accelerator programs. The company, led by prominent figure Trevor Owens, plays a significant role in the Bitcoin space, operating internationally with a focus on fostering growth and expansion within the industry.


Bitcoin Frontier Fund approached us because they lacked a distinct identity. Previously operating under the name “Stacks Ventures”, the company decided to rebrand as “Bitcoin Frontier Fund” to better align with their mission and increase visibility in a growing and competitive market.

The client needed a comprehensive brand identity, starting from the ground up, including a new logo, visual language, and a revamped website.

Following some initial workshops, we honed their strategy and built the creative around the core concept of “pushing beyond limits”. This embodies the idea that they can enable founders to bring their ideas to fruition, and embrace technology with such open ended and boundless possibilities.


To visualise this concept, we drew inspiration from visionary directors like Christopher Nolan and Spike Jonze, steering clear of over literal space themes and tropes that already exist within the industry.

In Interstellar, Nolan visualises a multidimensional space where time is represented in a non-linear way, which can be stretched and manipulated to alter its fabrication.

A similar visual was used in the Apple HomePod advert by Spike Jonze. Jonze employs innovative visual storytelling techniques where walls stretch, transform and morph, symbolising a departure from the conventional, pushing visual and conceptual boundaries.

We explored the use of Pixel Sorting, a technique that distorts images by manipulating their underlying code, creating a feeling of positive direction and movement. We applied this principle not only to the visual elements but also to the typography, choosing a typeface with extreme stroke contrast. The resulting design aimed to push the boundaries of legibility and challenge traditional norms.

This followed through into the logo, stretching and pulling parts of the letterforms, symbolising the company’s commitment to pushing beyond conventional limits. We experimented with analog techniques using printed elements to physically pull and shift them along a scanner. This process introduced an imperfect quality, alluding to the experimental and sometimes unconventional nature of the industry.

The guidelines outlined how the brand could be consistently applied across various platforms. We created a grid system based on the rule of three that followed the construction of the logo, allowing for a structured yet dynamic application of the brand on social media, report templates, and other collateral.


The new brand identity positions Bitcoin Frontier Fund as a forward-thinking and innovative player in the Bitcoin space. The logo, typography, and brand device now provide a memorable and recognizable brand presence, setting them apart from competitors. Bitcoin Frontier Fund now stands out as a leader, ready to push beyond limits in the dynamic world of Bitcoin technology. Take a look at the website we created for them here.

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