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Working together with Row & Sons it became clear that there was a disconnect between their visual communication and compelling history behind their brand and products. Established by Joshua Row in 1880 to provide butchers wooden chopping blocks and butchers’ shop solutions, today the company continues to build on their roots with a staunch commitment to innovative product design. Building on their promises of quality, longevity, service and advice, we crafted a brand identity that made sure to reflect these values and ensure they were correctly positioned within the market. We drew on traditional butchers ration books to reference a new set of typography, and constructed a logo and accompanying mark that are influenced by traditional elements of carpentry and joinery.


We designed a range of printed collateral from business cards to maintenance guides that reflect the extra level of care and attention is carried through from every single interaction the customer will have with Row & Sons. We used grained papers from G.F Smith creating a unique surface and a hint of texture to reflect the natural materials used in the Row & Sons product range.


We designed and built a bespoke Shopify website with not only a great visual journey but also merging together a complex array of ordering and delivery options into a simple user experience. Making the shopping process as seamless as possible for the user and supplier all the way from smaller off the shelf orders to larger bespoke built requirements.

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