Solatube, part of Kingspan Group, was starting to focus more on their UK offering, and came to us to help them become more visible in UK markets. We focussed on Conversion Rate Optimisation for them, and ended up increasing form field submissions by 195%.

Solatube were looking to increase their conversion and struggled to drive the right traffic through their website. We worked closely with Solatube to carry out a detailed user experience review using our engagement framework. This was the driver for design hypotheses and ultimately the website build.

We used our objective framework to identify key target areas for improvement. The following areas were the drivers for our design decisions.

Clarity of content +
content hierarchy

There was a lot of copy on the reviewed pages. Being clear with what is being presented, the order it’s presented in and what the benefit for the content is, will help make the experience easier for the user.
We knew we needed to be looking at the hierarchy of what was presented and strip out any unnecessary content.

Visual differentiation

The pages followed a similar structure and the content was displayed consistently down the page. The downside to this was that it created a repetitive experience where key, important content blends into the page and could be easily missed.

We suggested elevating the page layouts to highlight the key content and create a more dynamic page structure.

Setting expectations

When users are browsing, the clarity of content is important to help their transition to commitment (getting in touch). Setting clear expectations as to what they’ll receive, how they’ll receive it and when is crucial.

We focussed on tackling the contact page(s) to ensure the users fully understand the process, what they’re enquiring about and how they’ll be contacted.

Usability issues

There were a range of usability issues which may have effected the user’s ability to confidently progress through the journey. If the user’s experience on the website isn’t easy, it could effect their trust in the business and/or product.

We knew we needed to address some minor and more major usability issues on the website that have an impact on the user journey.

A key focus area for the website was the contact form. Solatube struggled to get convert users despite a large number of visitors to the website.

Updating the form to set clear expectations, provide additional context and guidance for the user about what they will receive from filling out the form lead to a huge uptake in conversion.

Previous conversion: 0.06%
Current conversion: 4.9%*

*as of April 2024

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