Webinar: How Marketing and Graphic Design can work together

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10:00 – 10:18 GMT

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A Branding. Done. webinar

Marketers are often asked to design things for the company they work for. But why? Marketers are usually very creative people, but wouldn’t be asked to do recruitment or finance for the business, so why the design? The answer is usually because it’s accessible. Canva is so open to everyone, that everyone tries their hand.

But should they?

And if they want to keep this part of their role, how can they do it in the best way possible?

In this session, which was live on 15th Feb 2024 at 10am, we discussed how marketers can work in harmony with graphic design teams to get things done. Learn how to work collaboratively with design teams to achieve the best possible brand for the company you work at. And how to ensure everything is ALWAYS on brand, no one is ever using an old dodgy logo in company presentations, and how to use an agency to your advantage, without spending a fortune. No one has the marketing budget for that.

We also shared insights on how marketers can use templates created by design teams. These templates not only streamline the design process but also empower marketers to produce visually stunning materials on the fly, without compromising brand integrity.


This event has finished. You can watch the recording here.

About Branding. Done.

Branding. Done. is currently the name we give to our webinar series and our podcast (find it wherever you get your podcasts!). In the future… who knows? We set it up to educate people on all things branding, and everything that encompasses. Think brand strategy and design all the way through to UX and CRO. At Dawn, we focus on all things brand, digital and motion, so this does too.

Our mission is to rid the world of bad design and poor communication, and hopefully these sessions and episodes bring us a little closer to achieving that. We hope you love everything we do, and that it helps you develop your knowledge in these areas and learn how to build a better brand.

Marketing and Graphic Design - how the two can work in harmony