When we began working with GLO, it was clear that there was a disconnect between the stunning lifestyle solutions their customers experience in their homes, and the positioning of their brand. We worked with them to confirm their brand purpose and values, and began to work towards an identity their team could be proud of.


We worked on the theme of enhancing the senses, which led us to explore the neurological trait synaesthesia. It involves experiencing one sensory stimulus through the prism of a different stimulus such as hearing music and seeing it through colour. We found a neat correlation between this idea and the latest projection technology using individual red, green and blue lasers to generate light and producing the most dynamic colour spectrum available today.


We explored beam angles where light is distributed from the source of illumination onto a target area – a key part of how a home is lit for comfort and entertainment. Incorporating this through fractured imagery gave some ownership to photography and graphical devices.


We designed and built a new website, looking to reflect the modern smart home and giving the user a slick and simple experience as they navigate. Content was refreshed with a new tone of voice from their new brand guidelines, with animation used to enhance user interactions.