GSA is a facilities management company handling everything related to commercial properties, factories, office buildings, retail spaces, gyms, and more. They manage all aspects of these buildings, from industrial cleaning services and electrical systems to steel fabrication and structural support. If there’s a problem, GSA finds a solution, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the buildings.

What did we do for GSA?

Initially, GSA approached us for brand support. This evolved into a full brand overhaul, including their website, marketing materials, and vehicle branding.

What were their initial pain points?

GSA needed a stronger brand and digital presence. Despite being a smaller company, they work with big clients like JD Gyms and needed to appear capable of handling such large projects. Their website was dysfunctional, and all their clients came through word-of-mouth. They wanted to increase organic traffic and inbound inquiries, as their lack of digital presence was costing them potential clients.

Concept behind the brand

We aimed to retain some heritage elements while refreshing and simplifying the brand to make it bolder. GSA consistently punches above their weight, so we used an arrow theme to represent their forward momentum.

To retain some of that heritage within the visual identity, we used the small square that used to be in the corner of their old logo to form an arrow in their new one, through the use of negative space. The arrow shows progression and momentum, as they have ambitions to be the market leaders.

The bold and sturdy typography symbolises the stability GSA provides, acting as the strong foundation for their clients. We kept a notch from their old logo to maintain a connection to their roots.

We also removed the word “facilities” from their name to keep things simple and future-proof their brand as they expand beyond facilities management. Introducing new colours added flexibility to their branding.

Brand assets

We made sure all brand assets, like t-shirts and apparel, fit seamlessly with GSA’s refreshed identity. Every piece of apparel reflects GSA’s bold, forward-thinking style, ensuring the team stands out. This approach creates a strong, consistent brand presence that resonates with anyone who encounters the brand.

The website overhaul

GSA’s website had significant issues: most people couldn’t access the site, and when they could, it had a very outdated design. It was built with a third-party theme, limiting their customisation options. We discussed their challenges and goals, and then designed and built a new site to meet those needs.

From visuals to performance, we completely revamped the GSA website to align with their brand positioning. The site is now efficient and SEO-friendly, enhancing the user experience and interface to reflect where GSA should be in the market.