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Kidz to Adultz is a charity that provides free events and exhibitions for children and young people with disabilities, additional needs, and the people who support them. They create an inclusive, vibrant space where people are supported on their journey. They bring people together to find the best solution for every situation, to help fulfil each person’s potential, and to help change lives.


Kidz to Adultz approached us because their identity didn’t showcase their brand values. It felt dated and in need of a refresh to represent what they are all about. They needed to appeal to the younger audience and showcase the fact that the events up and down the country are inviting spaces for people to engage, come together and find something to enhance their lives.

Following the brand workshop, we found that the main goal of the K to A brand is to be a welcoming space for all, and make a positive lasting impact. They do this by bringing expertise and support to people, whilst creating connections and memorable moments. They want to create a community spirit at their events and develop a national presence to support those who need it.


We took inspiration from simple building block forms which are used as both a fun toy and in cognitive testing, to create an identity that showcases K to A’s positive & feel good values. The building blocks represent a support system, building relationships and making connections which are takeaways from K to A exhibitions. But in many cases, solutions for many of the audience aren’t as simple as simple building structures, so by using the shapes in a playful way and introducing illustrative overlays we begin to form connections and unique patterns which again represent the values and audiences of K to A, the shapes begin to support each other as they fall into place- these patterns became the basis of the identity and a fundamental part of the brand overall.


The Kidz to Adultz logo is structured using similar forms to that of the patterns with subtle hints to the shapes using the brand accent colours. The letters support each other in the same way as the shapes and fall into a unique formation which again showcases the support system that K to A offers no matter who you are.


We created a brand identity that they were able to use throughout all applications whether this be digital or physical- such as event stands, digital magazines, social media and more.

The identity is recognisable as K to A and feels inviting to the younger audience.


The result was a brand identity that is consistent throughout applications and feels inviting and appealing to the target audience. They have been able to take the brand and utilise it throughout their social applications and events whilst remaining consistent to the guidelines.

The rebrand has already been rolled out across all brand applications and has been implemented into the exhibition spaces and merch. The feedback they have received from their audience has been great and they are very thankful for the work Dawn created.

The brand is now identifiable as K to A through consistent use of the new brand graphics, continuous use of this will become more familiar to the audience and in turn they will enhance their national presence and lead the way as a brand in this industry.

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